Volvo V 70 D5 AWD Kinetic 2.4, 185 PS

1. rejestracja: 1 czerwca 2005
nr tel.: 500 224 555

KONIEC AUKCJI: 13-02-2024 15:00:00

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Marka Volvo
Przebieg 282753
1. rejestracja 1 czerwca 2005
Zakończenie aukcji 13 lutego 2024 15:00
Numer referencyjny DHE-789-A


Szczegółowe Informacje

MFK 02/2022
Türen 5
1. Inv. 06/2005
Hubraum 2.4
Typ-Nr. 1VA409
Antrieb 4x4
Getriebe Manuell
Standort 3627, Heimberg (BE)
Zeitwert 2100.00
Stamm-Nr. -
Fahrbereit rollbar
Karosserie Kombi
Treibstoff Diesel
Aussenfarbe Grau, Metallic
Service-Heft Vorhanden
Anzahl Gänge 6
Emissionscode B04
Kilometerstand 282'753 / Abgelesen
Unfallfahrzeug ja
Fahrzeugausweis Fehlt
Transport durch Verkäufer (175.-)
Anzahl Schlüssel 1
Fahrzeug-Neupreis 63330.00
Serienausstattung STEERING WHEEL, MODEL: Steering wheel 4 spoke, Type V70 (not XC), INFOTAINMENT THEFT PROTECTION: Without InfotainmentTheft protection, LEUCHTWEITEN REGUL, RETURN LESS FUEL SYSTEM: Without ReturnLess Fuel System, TYRE PRESSURE SPARE WHEEL: Without tyre pressure info., RAEDER 7 J X 16 LM, Total weight check: Carweight is OK, SALES VERSIONS - FOR LISTS: Sales version 11, Trim level 1, CHILD SEAT/CUPH. ARMREST REAR: Armrest standard, TRIM PANEL: Base trim (not wood) INTERIOR DECOR PANELS Decor &#39;CLASSIC WOOD&#39; /FLAME BIRCH, MARKET CODE: Market variant, not for part steering, SEAT HEAT CALIBRATION: Lowtemp 32C - Hightemp 38C, BELT TONGUE: Belt tongue short, INSIDE REAR VIEW MIRROR TYPE: Manuel diming of inside rear view mirror, ARMREST,DOORPANEL-IF LEATHER: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, STEERING WHEEL: Steering wheel, leather, REM, rear electronic module: High spec REM, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour coordination interior, COLORS,INT/EXT: Silver metallic, Rear view mirrors: Standard mirror w/o retractable, w/o memory, ADMINISTRATIVE FAMILY: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, LEVELSENSOR-IF ALARM: Without level sensor, COMMON MATERIAL P26/P24: Common material P26/P24, FIRST AID KIT: First aid kit, type 2 Germany Benelux, LOGO, remote control: Standard LOGO, remote control, Adm. for police cars: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, NUMBER PLATE HOLDER: Without number plate holder, B-PILLARVENTILATION: B-pillar ventilation, USER EXCEPTIONS: Only for ECG, Textilfussmatten, TWEETER FRONT DOOR: Extra variant, without Tweeter, Retractable sideview mirrors: Without retractable mirrors, CIG. LIGHTER/ASHTRAYS: Without Cigarette lighter, COLOUR MATCHING EXTERIOR: Colour matching exterior, REAR WIEW MIRROR PACKAGE: Mirrorpackage 2, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching coulisse, RADIO HU 650 RDS, REAR FOG LIGHT, POSITION: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, SCHALT-/WAEHLH LEDER, VOICE CONTROL: Without voice control, BRAKE ASSISTANCE: Electrical Brake assistance, RAIN SENSOR: Without rain sensor, NEBELSCHEINWERFER, Komfortpaket, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching doors, ADMINISTRATIVE FAMILY: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching interior, GEAR BOX TYPE: Manual gear box, MAX FRONT AXLE WEIGHT: 1100 kg, V70 XC 2420 lb (CDN), SPARE WHEEL: Steel spare wheel, 12 VOLT OUTLET LUGGAGE: 12V outlet in luggage, SATELLITE PREP.: Without satillite prep., ALARM / REMOTECONTROLES: Remote controlled central lock, CUPE´ VENTILATION: Without timer controlled cupé ventilation, Verbandkasten, MAIN MARKET DECALS/SIGNS: Decals outside Nordic, CALLSTART OF PARKING HEATER: W/o callstart of parking heater, DIEBSTAHLWARNANLAGE, EL.VACUMPUMP, REAR BOOSTER: Without Electrical vacumpump, FUEL LEAKAGE DETECTION: Without fuel leakage detection, RIM: A 16' 7Jx16x49, AMPLIFIER: Without Amplifier, BEIFAHRERAIRBAG, BIFUEL: Not Bifuel, OIL LEVEL SENSOR: Oil Level Sensor, FILLING NOZZLE BIFUEL: Without Filling nozzle, Type, PROTECTION PLATE CAT: Without Prot.plate catalyst, BATTERY MAIN SWITCH: Without Battery main switch, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour coordination interior, LOUDSPEAKER,SIDE DOOR REAR: Loudspeakers rear side doors, Bi-Xenonscheinwerfer, LANGUAGE: GERMAN for instrument and radio, Courtesy illumination, front & rear, 4 doors switched, PEDAL ARRANGEMENT: Pedal arrangements, standard, FAMILY FOR COLOUR CHANGE: Not applicable, ADM Family for airbag assembly: Airbag module without snapin, TEILLEDERPOLSTER, EXTRAVARIANT WHEELUNITS REAR: Extravariant, VIBR. DAMPER STEERING WHEEL: With vibr. damper, Audiopaket HU-650 RDS, AIR FILTER: Airfilter 5cyl, Diesels, EXTERNAL ALARMUNIT SUPPLY: W/o wxternal alarm unit supply, MARKET DECALS/SIGNS: Decals outside France, EXTERIOR PARTS: Standard articles, ADM.FAMILY FOR TESTCARS: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, OCCUPANT WEIGHT SENSOR: Without OWS, USER EXCEPTIONS: Not for VCT, INSTRUCTIONS: Owners manual German, with warranty booklet, service directory, PROTECTION CARPET SET,COUPE: Protection carpet set, MICROPHONE: Without microphone, Schaltgetriebe 6-Gang AWD , HEADREST REAR,FOLDING: Manually foldable rear head- rests, Komfortpaket, MULTIFUNKTIONSLENKR, CD/MD-CHANGER: Without CD cables, MODELL 2006, FRONT SPRINGS-(weight): Extra variant, DIRT DEFLECTOR: Without Dirt deflector, TABLE IN REAR SEAT: Without table in rear seat, LOUDSPEAKER,FRONT DOOR: Loudspeakers front side doors, DECAL FOR TYRE PRESSURE: Tyre pressure decal type 2, MOBILE OFFICE: Without mobile office, HEATED FRONT SEATS, EuroNCAP Decal if PASS.AIRBA: Without EuroNCAP decal, MARKET: Europe/Overseas, INSTRUMENT CLUSTER: KM/H gradation, Europa, Pyrotechnical pretensioners front seat belts, HANDBRAKE LEVER: Handbrake lever, leather, TRIP COMPUTER: Trip computer, ENGINE DYNAMICS/STC: 5-cyl diesel engine, COMMUNIKATION TAXI: Without el-cable Taxi., OPTIONAL CABLES, S-CARS: Without optional cables, ADMINISTRATIVE FAMILY: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, CUP HOLDER,TUNNEL CONSOL: 2 cup holders without ashtray <Lendenwirbelst??tze (4-Wege elektrisch einstellbar) f??r Fahrer- und Beifahrersitz>, VEHICLE TYPE / GEAR BOX TYPE: Extra variant, GERMANY, GPS Global Positioning Sys: Without GPS, LAMINATED WINDOWS Tempered glass, side & rear windows, SIDE POCKET, TRUNK: Without side pocket in trunk, BLIND SPOT INFORMATION SYSTEM: Without Blind spot Information System, CHASSIE TYPE: Chassi DYNAMIC, base, ADM.FAMILY FOR MEASURED CARS: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching SIPS trhead, TRANSMISSION OIL COOLER, AUTO: Without Transmission Oil Cooler, ADM FOR S-CAR RESTRICTION: Adm variant for restrictions, HEAD LIGHT, SYMMETRY: Bi-xenon, White right assymetrical, 1xH7 + 1xGDL bulb, AIRBAG,PASSENGER SIDE: Airbag, pass side, no cutoffswitch, ALLRADANTRIEB AWD, PANEL LH SIDE REAR V70: Extravariant, SATELLITE RADIO RECEIVER: Without Satellit Radio System, AUTO UP WINDOW LIFTS: Auto up, front doors, PARTS FOR SPECIAL VEHICLES: Parts excluded for Special Vehicle Executives, MARKET DECALS/SIGNS: Decals outside Canada, ENGINE: 5cyl/2.4l/4V/TDI 185/400 185PS, INTERIOR CODE: Classic, grey, P26E KILEN, ADMINISTRATIVE FAMILY: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, PASSIVE ALARM ACTIVATION: W/o automatic alarm activate, AEM PREPARATION: AEM preparation (Acessory Electronic Module), ROLL STABILITY CONTROL: Without Roll Stability Control, CD/DVD-ROM DISC - IF RTI: Without CD-ROM, 2-SCHICHT-METALLIC, AIRCONDITION: With aircondition, COMMON MATERIAL P23/P26/P24: Common material P23/P26/P24, START BLOCKING MAN GEARBOX: Without start blocking, TELEPHONE: Without telephone, GLASS,REAR VIEW MIRRORS: LH side mirror:Wide .RH side mirror: Wide, USER EXCEPTIONS: Not for Thailand, TRAIN WEIGHT: 4020 kg, DOOR PANEL,FRONT: Front door panel, standard, YEAR DESIGNATION LETTER: Year des 6 = model year 2006, GEAR LEVER TYPE/KNOB: Gearlever knob leather, Memory: Without memory, STEERINGWHEEL MODULE: Satelite for Audio, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching thread, LEAD RESISTANT LAMBDA PROB: Without lead resistant Lambda sond, GEAR BOX: 6-speed Manual AWD, COLLISION MITIG. & WARN. REAR With Rear Collision Warning and Mitigation>, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching thread, CENTRE LOUDSPEAKER,DASHBOARD: Without Centre loudspeaker, Dash, WVTA-NUMBER: e4*2001/116*0040*13, Betriebsanleitung & europ??isches H??ndlerverzeichnis, Deutsch, GENERAL ENGINE VARIANTS: 2,4 l Diesel, DARKENED REAR WINDOWS: Without Dark glass rear, HANDLE TAILGATE 5-DOOR: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, BRAKES,TYPE: 16 inch brake, WASTE BIN, FIXPOINT: Without Waste bin, COMMON MATERIAL P23/P26/P24: Common material P23/P24/P26, GRADUATION CLIMATE CTRL-IF ECC: Centigrade gratiation, FRONT STABILISER: Front stabiliser bar D=23.5 mm,H, SUNVISOR, UPHOLSTERY: Sunvisor, textil, STANDARD/SPECIAL VEHICLE: Standard car unique material, LOCK TYPE,CENTRAL LOCKING: Burglar proof locks, TYRE CIRCUMFERENCE: Rolling circumference 1960mm, Factory Code, POWER TRAIN: CAR CONFIG. VARIANT, RESERVERAD STAHL, SWITCH BLOCK PANEL, 7 IN ROW: Panel for max 3 switches Extra variant, SPOILER,BOOT LID Without extra spoiler boot lid, MARKET DECALS/SIGNS: Decals outside USA & Canada, 12V Anschluss im Kofferraum, CRUISE CONTROL: Cruise control, RETRIGG ENABLING - IF ALARM: Without Retrigg functionality, USER EXCEPTIONS: Not for Thai, Mal, Indo, COLORS,INT/EXT: Grey interior P2X, HOME LINK: Without Home Link, SPEED LIMITATION: Speed limitation, 250 Km/h, REARVIEW MIRR.EXTRA VARIANTS: Extra variant, Reserverad vollwertig, GEARTRONIC AUTO GEARBOX: Without Geartronic, MAKEUP LAMP SUNVISOR: Illuminated mirror driver/pass, AUTOMATIC LOCKING: Without automatic doorlocking, CHILD SEATS REAR,OUTER: Without outer child seat, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour coordination interior, LOCK REAR FLOORLID: Without lockable rear floor lid, LEFT HAND DRIVE, SUNVISOR PASS.AIRBAG: Whitout sunvisor decal, EMBLEM REAR: Standard emblem, rear, ENGINE OPTIMIZATION AFTERMARKE: Standard calibration engine, FILLER PIPE: Big filler pipe, CLEARCOAT: Standard clearcoat, Winter-Paket, SLIDE RAILS, FRONT SEAT: Extra variant, std slide rail, COLOUR MATCHING EXTERIOR: Colour matching exterior, GLASSBRAKE WIRE/SENSOR: Without Glassbrake wire in rear glass, VISCO DIFFERENTIAL: Electrical Controlled Limited Coupling AWD (HALDEX), LOCKABLE WHEELBOLTS-IF ALU RIM: Without lockable wheelbolts, ANTI LOCK BRAKE SYSTEM: ABS with Dynamic stability traction controle, Vehicle inspection number: YV1, REAR VIEW MIRROR GLAS,PASS SID: RH side mirror, wide angle, ADM FOR RESTRICTION: Adm for restriction Police cars, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching interior, WASTE HEAT UTILIZER: Without waste heat utilizer, CABLEHARNESS REAR: Extra variant, USER EXCEPTIONS: Only for VCG, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour coordination interior, TRIM LEVEL 1, EMISSION CODE: Emission level euro4 VIN pos8=4, WALLET CUSTOMER INFO: Standard wallet, VEHICLE TYPE / POWER TRAIN: Extra variant, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching interior, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching sewing thread, RADIO: Extra variant, LOADCOVER,5-DOOR: Rear shelf 5-door, Multifunktionslenkrad, SPLIT REAR SEAT: 40-60 split, VIN pos 4 or 7: VIN-code position 4, FOGLIGHTS,FRONT IN SPOILER: Foglights in front spoiler, USER EXCEPTIONS: Not for Indonesia, MASSMOVEM. SENSOR-IF ALARM: Without massmovement sensor, MARKET DECALS/SIGNS: Decals outside USA, SUN GLAS HOLDER: No sun glass holder, TELEPHONE SYSTEM: Not applicable variant, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching inner doorhandle, TYRE DIMENSION: 225/50R16, Dual-Xenon-Scheinwerfer, CHILD LOCK: Without Electrical child lock, Dachreling, SELF SUPPORTING TYRE: W/O self supporting tyre, MUDFLAPS,REAR: Without mudflaps, Komfortpaket, MD-PLAYER P28: Without MiniDisc-player, REAR FOGLIGHT,TOWFUNCTION: Foglights shut off when trailer is connected, only trailers foglights are running, FRONT SEAT, LEFT HAND SIDE: Extra variant, CABLEHARNESS COUPE: Extra variant, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching carpets, EL CAR HEATER: Without el car heater, CUT OFF SWITCH PASS. AIRBAG: Without passenger airbag cut-off switch, FRONT SEAT,RIGHT: Extra variant, REAR STABILISER: Rear stabiliser bar D=16.0 mm, BORDCOMPUTER, ACKNOWL. SIGNAL LOCK/ALARM: LOCK/UNLOCK ACKNOWLEDGE, INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM: Without infotainment system, Rear view mirrors: Standard mirror w/o retractable, w/o memory, FREQUENCY REMOTE-IF REMOTE: 433.92Mhz, with panic function,all functions, COLOUR PACKAGE,INTERIOR: Colour package interior, LOAD HOLDING TRUNK: Without Load holding, ADMINISTRATIVE FAMILY: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, ADMINISTRATIVE FOR S-CAR: Adm variant for standard car, MAXIMUM LOAD: Without weight, P2, OWS calibration ID: No calibration ID, EXTRA VARIANT STEERING WHEEL: Extra variant, WATER REPELLANT SIDE WINDOWS: Without water repellent side windows, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour coordination sewing thread, FUELTANK,CAPACITY: Capacity 68 litre, DIESEL AWD, Height adjustable steering wheel, ADMINISTRATIVE FAMILY: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, LUGGAGE NET, STEEL: Without Steelnet, COUPEFILTER: Air Quality System, CHILD SEAT ATTCHM: Without child seat attchm, DIVERSITY ANTENNA, BUMPERS: Diversity antenna, LOUDSPEAKER PACKAGE: Loudspeakers side doors, D-panel, MAIN LIGHTS, TYPE: Europe design, DIAGNOS SYSTEM: E OBD, ALARM ACT VIA DOORLOCK: Without alarm activ with door key, JACK XC90: Not Applicable RQ, SIPSBAG, FRONT SEAT: Sipsbag, Europe model, CUPHOLDER DASHBOARD: Without Cupholder in Dashboard, CONTROL UNIT RTI: Without control unit, RTI, ADM FOR S-CAR RESTRICTION 2: Not applicable, TYRE PRESSURE MONITORING S: Without Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, FRONT SEAT, RIGHT HAND SIDE: Extra variant, Gearbox extra variants: Manual 6speed, FRONT SHOCKABSORBERS: Shock absorbers typ 2, SHIFTLOCK: Without shiftlock, STARTER MOTOR: Startermotor 2,2 KW, Diesel, PACKAGES FOR PLATES AND DECALS: Decals for MC 18, SEAT BELT MINDER, PASSENGER: Without seat belt minder, DRIVER SEAT: Man.adjusted driver seat, DOOR HANDLE, FRONT: Door handle, standard, FREQUENCY BAND & STEP,RADI: Frequency band and step for EU, EXTERIOR CODE: Silver metallic, GETRIEBE 6-GANG, BATTERY MINUS CABLE: Battery minus cable, new long, ACCESSORY ELECTRONIC MODUL: W/O accessory electronic module, UPHOLSTERY MATERIAL: Woven material, MARKET DECALS/SIGNS: Decals Outside China, EXTRA WATER COOLER,FUEL: Without Extra water cooler, RADIATOR,TYPE: Radiator, high performance, CHILD S-BELT ATTCHM REAR: Without attachm child belt, AIRBAG,TYPE Airbag driver-,passenger-side, INSTRUMENT CLUSTER CALIBR.: Parameter file for EUROPE, WHEEL MATERIAL: Aluminium Wheel, GESCHW-REGELANLAGE, REAR VIEW MIRROR,HEATING: Electrically heated mirrors, SAFETY BELT: Stdbelt w/o ALR, VEHICLE MAIN TYPE: P26E/L wheel base 2755/2763 mm, TRUNK ENTRAPMENT RELEASE: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, ACTIVE SUSPENSION: Without Four-C, ALTERNATOR: Alternator 143A EXEC, COLOUR PACKAGE,EXTERIOR: Colour package exterior, EXTRA EQUIPMENT-IF VGLA: Without unique material, 2401CCM 136KW, BATTERY: 800 Cold cranking Amp, SILL MOULDINGS: Sill moulding, DOORS: 5 doors, EMISSION, EVAPORATION SYSTEM: Without evaporation system, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching IP upper, HEAD LAMP ADJUSTER: Automatical headlight adjustment, AIRBAG: Airbag, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colormatching, frame keypad, XENONSCHEINWERFER, COMPLEMENTARY EMBLEM,REAR: Emblem 'D5 AWD', SPEED WARNING: Without Speed warning device, FUEL: Diesel, AIRGUIDE SPOILER: Bumper without airguide, NEUTRAL CONTROL AUTO.GEAR: Without NEUTRAL CONTROL func, SUNVISOR/ILLUMINATION: Sunvisor textile/2makbel, extra variant, REIFEN 215/55 R 16 W, EXTRA VARIANT FLOOR CARPET: Extra variant, floor carpet U Four-C, VEHICLE SUB TYPE: V70 Body type standard 5-door, PARTIKELFILTER, DECAL TRIMLEVEL: Trim level 1 (Kinetic), MARKET DECALS/SIGNS: Decals out Japan, LOAD MODULE ECM: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, GEAR RATIO: Final ratio 4.00:1, ENGINE COOLING FAN: Engine cooling fan, high performance (Brush Less Direct Current), COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour coordination label, EXTERIOR PAINT,TYPE: Metallic, KLIMAANLAGE, STEERING GEAR: Steering gear, standard, DMU,administrative family: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, WINDSCREEN: Tinted windshield with band, EXHAUST SYSTEM: Exhaust system, std, AIR CONDITION, REAR: Without rear air condition, AIR SEALING: Air sealing for std. car, HANSDSFREE TELEMUTE FUNCTION: W/o telemute function, SpeedoUnit, ROOFRAILS: With roofrails, P26E/P28, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching thread, RTI/TV DISPLAY,DASH: Without RTI/TV display, Dash, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching doors, CABLEHARNESS ROOF: Extra variant, LUGGAGE NET, TEXTILE: Luggage net for 2-splited backrest, AIRBAG: Airbag driver/pass side, CLIMATE UNIT: Electronic climat control, DSTC-FAHRDYNAMIKREG, Without RTI SYSTEM (OM RTI) ALT. PREP.: Without RTI preparation, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching interior, Tagfahrlicht, LOUDSPEAKER,D-POST: WITH LOUDSPEAKER D-POST, ADMINISTRATIVE FAMILY: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, WAIST MOULDING: Waist moulding in car colour., FMVSS-DECAL/PLATE: W/o FMVSS decal/sign, SECURITY PACKAGE: Security pagage 3 (lock & alarm), FLOOR CARPETS: Floor carpets, standard, SERVICE INTERVAL: Serviceinterval 7, Fahrgestellnummer, ADDITIONAL HEATER,FUEL: Additional heater,diesel, Foldable rear seat, 2-split 70/30, BUMPERS COLOUR MATCHED: Standard front for P26E, EXTRA AIR TO OIL COOLER,TRANSM: Without extra air oilcooler, LOUDSPEAKER,HATSHELF: Without Loudspeakers hatshelf, ENGINE PAD, FRONT AND REAR: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, LIGHT SOURCE, STOPLIGHT REAR: Light bulb, GEARBOX/DRIVELINE: 6-speed manual, 2WD and 4WD, LADERAUMABDECKUNG, ATTCHM CHILD SEAT FRONT: Without child seat attchm, TYRE PRESSURE LIGHT LOAD: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, Textil Kilen + Türinnenverkl. in anthrazit, ADM FOR RSE-RESTRICTION: Adm variant, KNEE RESTRAINT: Without Knee restraint, WARNING TRIANGLE: Warning triangle model 2, VIN pos 5 eller 8: VIN-code position 5, LEDERLENKRAD, TMC Traffic Message Chann: Without TMC, TELEPHONE HANDSFREE: Without handsfree phone, MUDFLAPS,FRONT: Without front mudflaps, BUSHING, LINK ARM: Solid bushings, link arms, COOLING BOX: Without Cooling box, BELT REMINDER: Europa type, REAR SPRINGS-(weight): Extra variant, THEFT PROTECTION BRACKET P28: Without protection bracket side door P28, SUN BLIND,REAR SIDE DOOR WIN.: Without sun blind rear sidedoor, STEERING POSITION: Left hand drive, FRONT SEAT,LEFT: Extra variant, Q-GLASS 5-DOOR, RIGHT: Extra variant level 1, SUN BLIND,REAR WINDOW: Without Sun blind (not executive), WASTE BIN IN TUNNELCONSOL: Without Waste bin in tunnel- console, POWER TRAIN: AWD 4-wheel drive, DACHSPOILER, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching thread, BASS LOUDSPEAKER LUGG.COMP: Without subwoofers lugg.comp., GEMENSAMT VAGN: GEMENSAMT VAGN, ADMINISTRATIVE FAMILY: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, PANEL RADIO PREPARATION: Radiopreparation in Centrestack VOLVOradio type HU-XXX, PASSENGER SEAT: Manually adj. passenger seat 4 way, Q-GLASS 5-DOOR, LEFT: Extra variant level 1, LIGHT IN OUTER MIRRORS: Without lights in outer mirrors, ROOF HATCH: Without Roof hatch, CASSETTE/CD RADIO: Casette radio with CD-play, PRIVATE LOCK LUGGAGE COMP.: Without private lock trunk compartment, NIGHT VISION: Without Night Vision, PROTECTION VISOR, COMBI INSTR: Protection visor, combi instrument, P24, HEATED SEAT: Heated seat, SCHEINW-REINIGUNG, USER PACKAGES: For VEC, EXTRA SEAT: Without Extra seat, HEADPHONE SOCKETS,REAR: Without rear headset sockets, ADMINISTRATIVE FAMILY: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, TRANSPORT STRAPS: Without transport eye, REAR VIEW MIRROR GLAS,DRIVER: LH side mirror,wide angle, GROSS WEIGHT: 2220 kg, V70 XC 4890 lb (CDN), MAX REAR AXLE WEIGHT: 1170 kg, COLOUR MATCHING INTERIOR: Colour matching seat belts 2, MARKET DECALS/SIGNS: Decals out Australia, CENTRE CONSOLE FRONT: Standard tunnel console, USER EXCEPTIONS: Not for Malaysia, Common material: Common, AUTOMATIC DIPPED HEADLIGHT: Always dipped headlight exceptin position P. Adjustable, INTERCOM: Without intercom, TYREBRAND: Continental Premiumcontact CP, TYRE PRESSURE HEAVY LOAD, TPM: No tyre pressure warning, SUPPLEMENTSINFO FOR WVTA-NR: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, HEADLAMP WASHER, MMS PREPARATION: W/o MMS-preparation,extra variant, CABLEHARNESS ENGINE COMPARTMEN: Extra variant, HEAD UP DISPLAY: With Head Up Display, FCW, TYRE PRESSURE HEAVY LOAD: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, Sedan, Multifunktions-Lederlenkrad, LEVELING SYSTEM: Without Leveling system, ADMINISTRATIVE FAMILY: Not applicable variant, no parts allowed, TV RECEIVING SET: Without TV receiving set, DACHRELING, BRAKE CONTROL: Without Brake control, Door entrance light driver&#39;s side, ROADFRICTION DETECTION: Without Road friction detection, EXTRAVARIANT WHEELUNITS FRONT: Extravariant, HEAD LIGHT CLEANERS: High pressure cleaner, PARK ASSISTANCE: Without parking assistance
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