NISSAN Micra 1.2 visia 1.2, 80 HP

1. rejestracja: 1 maja 2015
nr tel.: 607 20 70 90

KONIEC AUKCJI: 24-02-2021 10:20:59

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Przebieg 47634
1. rejestracja 1 maja 2015
Zakończenie aukcji 24 lutego 2021 10:20
Numer referencyjny BGD-881-W


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Body Limousine
Fuel Petrol
Gear Manual gearbox
moto False
Doors 5
Damages basement luggage compartment, bumper front, bumper rear, end face rear left, rear, tailgate apron, trunk lid
Repairs -
Interior Cloth, Grey
Condition Mechanics Car finish Body Other Accident vehicle/item with residual value
Model no. X
Roadworthy rollable
Wheel drive Front
Displacement 1.2
Register no. -
Usable parts door front left, door rear left, engine, front axle, rear axle, roof, side right, transmission
Emission code b5b
Number of keys 2
Service record Available
Exterior colour Black, Solid paint
Number of gears 5
Number of seats 5
Accident vehicle yes
Serial equipment No serial equipment feature found
Special equipment No special equipment feature found
Vehicle inspection 07/2020
Factory price of vehicle 16600.00
Pickup at location by buyer 1242, Satigny(GE)
Vehicle registration document Available

Szczegółowe Informacje