Mähwerk Reform 2.4 3.0

1. rejestracja: July 1, 2004
nr tel.: 607 20 70 90

KONIEC AUKCJI: 25-05-2020 08:59:59

Informacje o Aukcji

Marka Mähwerk
Przebieg 10000
1. rejestracja July 1, 2004
Zakończenie aukcji May 25, 2020, 8:59 a.m.
Numer referencyjny BBH-019-W


Szczegółowe Informacje

Gear Automatic gearbox
moto False
Damages ['no Damage Found']
Repairs -
Interior Cloth, Grey
Condition Mechanics Car finish Body Other Accident vehicle/item with residual value
Model no. X
Wheel drive
Displacement 3.0
Register no. -
Usable parts ['no Usable Part Found']
Emission code VAR240001ABZ10109
Number of keys
Service record Missing
Exterior colour Red, Solid paint
Number of gears
Number of seats 1
Accident vehicle yes
Serial equipment No serial equipment feature found
Special equipment ['No special equipment feature found']
Vehicle inspection -/-
Factory price of vehicle 14238.00
Pickup at location by buyer 6144, Zell LU(LU)
Vehicle registration document

Szczegółowe Informacje